Vision and Mission

(1) Reduce carbon emissions, protect the natural environment.
(2) Care for life, extend the value of life.
(3) Human-centric, take care of people’s health
(1)    Try for stability and growth of the company; take the sustainable
management as the corporate ultimate responsibility and goal
(2)    Supply high-grade healthcare products and solutions to customers
(3)    Train talents, support to realize their own dreams, and shore up
ties with customers and suppliers.
(4)    Seek for profits to answer to investors’ expectation
Value & Philosophy
(1) Sincerity and honesty
(2) Innovative value and services
(3) Quality, efficiency and executive force
(1) Sincere: True to all, false to none
(2) Diligent: Devote all efforts to accomplish missions
(3) Plain: Magnanimous; simple but wholehearted
(4) Honest: Sincere and not hypocritical

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